Bitcoin 2023: Exploring the Art of the Future at Ordinals Alley

14. April 2023 Von admin Aus

•, Xverse and Bitcoin Magazine are collaborating to launch an initiative at the Bitcoin 2023 Conference in Miami Beach that will highlight emerging visual artists.
• The initiative will include an art gallery called Ordinals Alley and an Artist Open Call which will select six showcased artists from a curation committee.
• Gamma’s Jamil Dhanani stated that the goal of this collaboration is to empower creators with simple tools to launch their works on Bitcoin.

Initiative to Highlight Emerging Visual Artists at Bitcoin 2023, Xverse and Bitcoin Magazine have come together to launch an initiative aimed at highlighting the new medium of art, settling on the longest-running and most secure blockchain, Bitcoin. This initiative is being showcased at the world’s largest gathering of Bitcoiners taking place in Miami Beach from May 18-20, known as the Bitcoin 2023 Conference.

Ordinals Alley

The three companies are presenting a fine art gallery for Bitcoin inscriptions named „Ordinals Alley“, which is the first ever gallery of its kind. The curation process is co-led by Dennis Koch (art gallery director for Bitcoin Magazine) and Hugo Pouchard (art curator and advisor for Gamma and Xverse). According to Pouchard, “Ordinals protocol is a remarkable technology empowering artists and their works in the long run.“ He also said that “The gallery will explore the evolving relationship between the art world, the medium, and the crypto community.“

Artist Open Call

The press release also highlights an Artist Open Call opportunity for rising artists who want to showcase their work to a global audience. Six showcased artists will be selected by a curation committee consisting of members from Art Blocks, 6529, Bright Moments, The Medici Collection, amongst other traditional art auction houses with experience in this field.

Goal of Initiative

Jamil Dhanani (founder & CEO of Gamma) commented on this collaboration saying that “Gamma’s focus has been to empower creators with simple & powerful tools to launch their works on bitcoin.“ He continued by saying “Together with Xverse we’re bringing even more visibility & exposure to emerging artists from web3 & those interested in bitcoin for the first time.“

Purchasing Tickets

Those interested in attending can buy tickets at