Bitcoin: The Key to Unlocking Long-Term Change in Education

11. März 2023 Von admin Aus

• The article discusses the effects of living in a fiat monetary system on decision making and relationships, as observed by an elementary school teacher.
• It argues that helicopter parenting is a result of this system and its focus on short-term gains.
• The author suggests that Bitcoin offers a solution to these issues by providing sound money not controlled by those in power.

Living In A Fiat Monetary System

This is an opinion editorial by Tim Niemeyer, co-host of the Lincolnland Bitcoin Meetup and an elementary school teacher. As both a teacher and someone passionate about Bitcoin, I have been able to observe how our coercive fiat monetary system incentivizes less-than-optimal decision making and substandard relational habits.

The Effects Of Fiat Money

The purpose of this article is not to badmouth any specific group or subset of the population, but rather to discuss how this system affects decision making and relationships. Those who are in control of the money supply can impose their own morals onto it, leading to high time preference actions such as helicopter parenting where parents fight their child’s battles, do their schoolwork, coach their coaches, keep them on a short leash, act as a maid in their own house, play it too safe and can’t let them fail.

The Benefits Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin offers a unique solution to these problems with its sound money that is not controlled by those in power who have their own agendas and incentives. With cryptocurrency like Bitcoin being deflationary instead of inflationary like fiat money, people could potentially be incentivized to make long term decisions instead of ones focused solely on short term gain. This would create healthier relationships between parent and child as well as more sustainable economic systems overall.

Creating Sustainable Change

Choosing red or blue or right or left doesn’t really provide long-term systemic change due to the fact that each side is beholden to their inherent system. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin provide an alternative way for us all to make decisions based on rational economics rather than emotional pressures caused by our current monetary system which leads us into trap cycles we often find ourselves stuck in with no real way out.


In conclusion, living under a coercive fiat monetary system has serious implications on decision making and relationships which can lead people down paths they wouldn’t normally follow if given alternatives with better incentive structures than traditional currencies offer today. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin provide these alternative incentive structures which should be embraced going forward for the betterment of society overall