Christine Lagarde encourages him: he raises 140 million € and launches the digital euro

4. September 2020 Von admin Aus

Could this be the major economic stake of the 21st century? – After the lightning progress of the Chinese Empire in the establishment of the DC / EP, a state digital currency project, European reactions are slow to appear. Christine Lagarde announces in person that the salvation of the old continent will come through private initiatives.

This promotional article was written in collaboration with Piotr Perchaluk, CEO of Ecu.

The private sphere to the rescue

Far too busy drawing the contours of a new economic recovery plan, the European Union seems to have temporarily put aside the burning issue of a new digital cryptocurrency. The stakes are, however, major: to prevent the population of the old continent from relegation to the Stone Age , but also to maintain a semblance of influence against the Chinese and American giants .

This atony has the gift of irritating. China and its central power are making great strides in setting up CD / EP. The West, for its part, wishes to rely on private initiatives, which are dubbed by Christine Lagarde in person:

“The specter of an initiative by the ECB [European Central Bank] should in no way discourage solutions from the private sphere, which would aim to create tools for faster and more efficient transactions within the euro zone. „

It is therefore in a barely veiled confession, during an interview for the magazine Challenge, that the ECB leader launches a call for all projects likely to improve European digital infrastructures.

The message did not fall on deaf ears. Piotr Perchaluk, French serial entrepreneur, launches the charge in an initiative that risks seriously changing the lines.

The beginnings of a titanic project

Author of a colossal fundraising of 140 million euros , the CEO of Kointo offers his own version of a European digital currency, already available on the Waves exchange platform. Naturally backed by the value of the euro and aimed at facilitating transactions between individuals, it offers a golden bridge to crypto-European investors.

Nicknamed Eccu , the origins of the project are inspired by the birth of the euro and its ancestor, the ECU. C ette new currency is positioned as the largest market capitalization for a stablecoin European. Better yet, it would directly compete with the heavyweights in the sector, slipping to seventh place in the world for stablecoins.