Crypto Investing: Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Technology

3. März 2023 Von admin Aus

• This article is about how the teachings of traditional Jewish scholars can be applied to modern investments, specifically in Bitcoin.
• The Gemara, a component of the Talmud, suggests splitting your wealth into three parts: investing a third in land, a third in merchandise, and keeping a third on hand.
• Real estate is one of the most stable investments out there and so it makes sense to invest one-third of your funds in this asset class.

Traditional Investing Wisdom Applied To Bitcoin

This is an opinion editorial by Konstantin Rabin, a finance and technology writer. As a huge supporter of all things crypto, and especially Bitcoin, my thoughts often drift to a time before this revolutionary technology appeared on the scene. I stand in awe of what it is bound to accomplish and consider why Bitcoin might even be backed by Talmudic teachings.

The Start Of An Idea

I’m not religious by nature, but while chatting with one of my Jewish friends who are keen students of the Talmud and all things related to Judaism we discussed how money management strategies found in ancient books may have something to teach us today. We looked at the Gemara which incorporates investment advice from hundreds of years ago that goes as follows: „R. Isaac also said: One should always divide his wealth into three parts: (investing) a third in land, a third in merchandise, and (keeping) a third ready to hand.“ –The Gemara Tractate Baba Mezi’a 42a

A Traditional Jewish Diversified Portfolio

The idea behind this reading is that if you want to properly invest your money you should split it into three equal parts between land (or real estate), cash on hand and risky assets such as stocks or Bitcoin. Real estate has been considered as one of the most stable investments for thousands of years with expectations that its market will grow 10.7% over the next decade. Keeping some funds invested here seems wise for long-term wealth preservation while still allowing you some flexibility when it comes time to invest more aggressively elsewhere like cryptocurrency markets or other riskier asset classes.

Invest In What You Know

Another piece advice from traditional investing wisdom when considering any type investment including Bitcoin is “invest only what you understand”. Before diving head first into any new asset class do research and make sure you have an understanding about it beforehand so that you can make informed decisions based upon facts rather than speculation or hype around certain topics/markets can lead people down dangerous paths if they don’t know what they’re doing ahead of time. By making sure that you are well educated about potential investments before risking capital could save you from losing money unnecessarily due to inexperience or lack knowledge about certain topics/markets which could be avoided through proper research beforehand..


In conclusion while traditional investing wisdom may seem archaic at times it still holds true today when investing whether your looking at stocks bonds crypto etc… Researching different types assets before taking risks with capital being key factor towards success or failure within any given asset class including cryptocurrency markets like Bitcoin where education knowledge base going above beyond just buying selling coins/tokens but instead understanding fundamentals each project overall health ecosystem as whole will help give better picture whether worthy investment not which ultimately determine financial gains losses made investments made future decisions regarding same topic/subject matter