First Bitcoin wallet with CoinJoins on the way for iOS

28. November 2020 Von admin Aus

Fans of both iOS and privacy wallets and Bitcoin have not had an easy time of it in recent years. It was never possible to do CoinJoins with a mobile wallet on an iPhone. However, there is a new application coming up that wants to offer this: the ChainCase wallet.

Bitcoin privacy

Bitcoin’s best-known privacy tool is doing a CoinJoin. In a previous article, we explained step by step how this works. It is as it were that you divide your Bitcoin (UTXO) into small pieces and then mix them with other people’s pieces. This can be done for example with the Samourai or the Wasabi wallet. However, the problem with that is: you are stuck with Android or a desktop application.

After doing a Bitcoin Freedom it is difficult, if not impossible, to trace payments back into the blockchain. This creates a haze for analysis companies such as Chainalysis and CipherTrace.

For the iOS users there is a new app in arrival. ChainCase would like to develop this option as a client for iPhones, with the help of Wasabi. The well-known developer Max Hillebrand is looking into this issue, together with Dan Gould.

CoinJoins on iOS

This will make it the first application for Apple to support this. Currently you can download the app from Testflight. Please note that it is still a beta app and does not work flawlessly. The editors experienced several crashes while testing the wallet. Use it at your own risk!

There are certainly reasons why the app is not yet available on the AppStore. Besides CoinJoins, the app also uses a number of other privacy tools, including Tor. It also uses neutrino as a light wallet protocol to sync with the network of nodes.

For true privacy enthusiasts, ChainCase is currently mainly an app to browse around and play along with. For the masses it is not yet ready for use. But it is one to keep an eye on.