Free Fire banner player for hack and Justice orders banning and return access to coins

25. Oktober 2020 Von admin Aus

Garena, the company responsible for Free Fire, lodged an appeal, but the decision was upheld by the ECJ

A gamer accused of cheating the Garena Free Fire rules has been blocked by the game involving the use of virtual coins from the game itself to buy utensils for the player’s „char“ (character). The case that would only be about an online game ended up in Justice, showing that the virtual world ends up generating impact in real life.

Although there is still no decision on the merits of the case, Bitcoin Bank scam the fight for an injunction has already ended in the Court of Justice. The gaming company after being condemned by the 29th Civil Court of Goiânia to pay $ 500 a day in fine if it did not unblock the gamer decided to appeal but was unsuccessful, since the judge of the Court of Justice of Goiás (TJGO), Gilberto Marques Filho, upheld the decision.



According to the company Garena Agenciamento de Negócios Ltda, the gamer used the subterfuge called hack to obtain an advantage in the game. Through this so-called „hack“, the player uses a program by which he can increase the character’s life, improve weaponry without the need to do anything other than „fool the system“.

Virtual coins in play
This type of conduct, however, is prohibited by Garena. In the game company’s website it is clear this rule and the result for who violates it is precisely to be banned from Free Fire. The gamer that today fights in Justice to have his profile unlocked and play again, was denounced by three players and the security system of Garena itself, according to the file, which detected six times this violation of the game.

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Free Fire consists of a third person action game, i.e. the player sees this character just like games like GTA (Grand Theft Auto). The difference is that in Garena’s game, which can be downloaded to mobile, the person gets virtual coins to be used in the game when he completes a phase or when the character evolves.

Only the „gold“ can be acquired in this way. The game, however, still has three other virtual coins: Diamond, Magic Cube and Memory Fragments. Of these three, the main one is the diamond. With it you get everything in the game, but for that you need to spend real money on Free Fire.



There is no information in the process if the gamer has cheated some code to get diamond. However, depending on what she has achieved with the hacking, the game product could even be traded in market places like Z2U or G2G.

Case in Court
When faced with the case of the blocking of the Free Fire player, Judge Pedro Silva Corrêa, of the 29th Civil Court of Goiânia, understood that the games company should release the gamer’s access under penalties of a daily fine of R$ 500. This decision, however, was not of merit. It only ensured the player’s right to continue using the application while discussing the cause.

Garena decided to take the discussion to the Court of Justice of Goiás (TJGO) to overturn the injunction. The company did not get what it was looking for. Judge Gilberto Marques Filho decided that the gamer should continue to have access to the game. About the fine, Filho said that there was no more reason to argue about it, since Garena fulfilled the determination of the judge of the 29th Civil Court of Goiânia to unlock access to Free Fire.