Mutiny Wallet Raises $300K to Build User-Friendly Bitcoin Wallet

22. April 2023 Von admin Aus

• Mutiny Wallet, a web-first bitcoin wallet, has raised $300,000 in preseed funding.
• The company aims to provide a user-friendly bitcoin wallet with exceptional privacy, scalability and accessibility.
• The founding team has extensive experience in the Bitcoin industry and have developed proof of concept wallets and Lightning nodes.

Mutiny Wallet

Mutiny Wallet is a web-first Bitcoin wallet that recently raised $300,000 in preseed funding. It is designed to provide users with exceptional privacy, scalability and accessibility while being user-friendly.


The founders behind Mutiny Wallet have extensive experience in the Bitcoin industry. Tony Giorgio is an engineer with substantial experience in Bitcoin and Lightning startups since 2018. Ben Carman was formerly the lead engineer at The Bitcoin Company and Paul Miller previously worked on Voltage’s Research & Development team and contributed to multiple projects related to Bitcoin and Lightning such as OpenSats, Fedimint and BDK.


Mutiny Wallet is self-custodial with a focus on privacy. It can run anywhere while providing instant onboarding which also makes it censorship resistant. In addition to the wallet itself, Mutiny is developing a next generation node implementation tailored for their wallet that will integrate both on-chain and Lightning privacy tools.


The company’s investors include Ten31, Brad Mills, Chris Hunter American Hodl, Ti Kawamoto as well as NVK. They are also thankful for Voltage’s support incubating their project .


To learn more about Mutiny Wallet or join their waitlist you can visit